Friday, October 1, 2010


Tomas Rios. I was going to include a picture of him, but then I realized: there aren't any. Actually, I don't think anyone knows what he looks like. He doesn't go to events. He doesn't interview fighters. All we know is that he's a writer for the largest US website devoted to the sport of MMA, Sherdog. (Oh, and we know what his voice sounds like... Kind of really, really, gay.) Now Sherdog isn't a very popular website over at the Team Takeover forums. In fact, most of us despise the website and their writers.
But not me. 


Because I actually do know a thing or two about Tomas Rios. I know Tomas Rios is a very intelligent man... A man who likes to earn an extra dollar via betting on his favourite sport of MMA. There's just one problem: Tomas Rios doesn't know anything about that sport. Sure he's a writer for Sherdog and ESPN, but he always picks the wrong fighters in his event preview articles. He almost without exception describes the way he thinks a fight will take place in exactly the opposite way that it actually does take place. He does so the annoyance of many fighters, including Sean McCorkle and Rich Attonito. Tomas Rios even went so far as to thrash-talk Sean McCorkle AFTER the fight took place. So why the hell do I think Tomas Rios is an intelligent and nice fellow?

Quite simple: he does this on purpose. The thrash-talking of fighters is just to get attention. We know how much they increase PPV sales, so it's not entirely silly to assume they also increase his page views. All for one purpose: he's trying to deceive the casual, not so knowledgeable fan. Not everyone makes bets on MMA, but plenty of people do. Plenty of casuals, as well. And that's where his "atrocious" event picks come in. Let's just take a look at the last 5 events.

 Rich Franklin
Pat Barry
Rory MacDonald
Paulo Thiago
Ben Rothwell

Brock Lesnar
Yoshihiro Akiyama
Chris Lytle
Krzysztof Soszynski
George Sotiropoulos

Anderson Silva
Thiago Alves
Rafael dos Anjos
Ricardo Almeida
Junior dos Santos

BJ Penn
Randy Couture
Demian Maia
Kenny Florian
Nate Diaz

Mirko Filipović
Ryan Bader
Matt Serra
Evan Dunham
Jeremy Stephens
His picks clearly are terrible for a paid MMA writer. Just 11 out of 25, and that's only predicting who won the fight. Any long time fan not named Tomas Rios would do better. However, that isn't conclusive evidence...
...but what if I had bet 10 currency on the fighter Tomas Rios didn't pick? 

UFC 115  +23,00
UFC 116  +07,50
UFC 117  +15,50
UFC 118  +11,00
UFC 119  +33,78
TOTAL  +90,78

I think you can figure out what to do at the next MMA event on your own. Respect the reverse oracle, enjoy earning easy money!


  1. The stupid people we all hear about are some of the smartest people alive... What a world we live in. Interesting choice of topic mate, but a pleasant one none the less!

    It would seem I'm your first and only follower :) I'll see if I can fix that for you.

  2. Thanks a lot Kane, I saw you put it on your own blog. The more followers the better... And also for their good, if they want to make some money off Tomas Rios' genius!

  3. All your articles are very well written and informative. I think I might have to take a look at the Team Takeover forums as well. Do you train?

  4. I'm not a betting man, but that's certainly a clever strategy. I do love watching MMA fights, at any rate. Following and supporting, comrade!

  5. Trash talking is part of the game! Business as usual, as you are already aware (and posting.)

    Is it still PPV if you download it shortly after it airs? :)

  6. Hey Ceedo, yes I do train. I've been doing Judo since childhood and I've recently taken up Kickboxing as well. It's been on and off though, haven't had much time to train recently... Hope that'll change.

  7. I just love UFC when it first started i said finally some real fighting not faking.

  8. love real fighting

    none of the fake stuff

  9. mma is so sick dude... cant stand wwe or lucha libre crap... but real fighitng, man it's the best

  10. some interesting points about Tomas Rios. I never really considered that angle

  11. lol wwe. Those can't even compare to mma

  12. Rios is an embarrassment to our beloved sport, as are the rest of his clown accomplices at

    Good blog Demon.... TT 4 lyf, homeboy

    Team Takeover